Android client for DigitalOcean

Open-source application for DigitalOcean that allows you to manage your droplets, snapshots, images, ssh keys, domains and domain records via an android client.

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Droplets at glance

All your droplets' data at your finger tip. Droplets that are on would have a colored OS logo, while those that are off would be gray.
A simple click on a droplet would reveal its information.

Everything can be done within the app

Long press any droplet and a context menu would show up with all the possible actions (SSH to your droplet*, reboot, shutdown, reset password, enable/disable backup...)
*To use SSH you would need to install a SSH client, i recommend JuiceSSH which is free.

Create a droplet from your phone!

Just press the menu button and you will find the option to create a new droplet. Choose your hostname, size, region and image then click create. your droplet will be up and running in no time( just kidding but should be the same as creating it from the website ).

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